Humanity First!

Saving a life is like saving the humanity as a whole! Hence, any service even to the size of a mustard seed given to a needy may makes us better than the one who has accumulated so much wealth for nothing!

A Poem on Ramadhan that is worth reading and understanding

Ramadhan… The most important month of the Islamic year,
You shouldn't just let it pass; u should always have fear,
Adhere to The Qur'an and Sunnah, which is absolutely clear,
You never know, there may not be another,
So make the most of this blessed month,
Keep all your fasts, read Qur'an and encourage your fellow brother,
Spend time with family, especially suhoor and iftaar,
Capture these precious moments,
As many people would want to be where you are,
Don't complain about the things that you may not have,
But be thankful to Allah for what you have,
Eat as much as to fulfill your hunger but don't overload and be too greedy,
Instead go out there and give to the needy,
This Holy month is one of the most important pillars of Islam,
Stay strong during this time and remain calm.
Steer yourself away from temptations or going astray,
Stand strong in your faith, praying Salaat five times a day,
At times you may find it hard, but the struggles you go through are all a test,
If you work to your peek to acquire what is best, Allah will make it
easier for you in this quest.
It's the time to ask for forgiveness and wash away your sins
Become like a new born baby and have a new life that begins
Outweigh your bad deeds with your good,
Make sure you take in knowledge from others and nothing is misunderstood,
During this time the gates of heavens are opened and the gates of
hellfire closed,
Don't delay brothers and sisters, take advantage before your sins are exposed,
Alhumdulilah, Masha'Allah, do everything in the name of your Lord,
Thinking of the Hereafter and your reward.


Abu Abdullah • September 30, 2008

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