Humanity First!

Saving a life is like saving the humanity as a whole! Hence, any service even to the size of a mustard seed given to a needy may makes us better than the one who has accumulated so much wealth for nothing!

Are we hypocritical lovers of our Prophet (SAW)??

Source: IslamGreatReligion The concept of the religion of Islam is to abide by the book of ALLAH i.e. Quran and follow the way of life (Sunnah) of prophet. Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the realistic example of ALLAH’s words i.e. Quran. So perfect was the model that which Muhammad presented, it encompassed all the…

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The Best of Creation – the "Walking Qur’an"

– by AbuBakr Karolia “A WALKING QUR’AN”, EMBODYING THE LAWS OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH (S) The life of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him) has been said by his wife, Aisha (May Allah (S) be pleased with her) to be like “a walking Qur’an”, embodying the Laws of Almighty Allah (subhaana wa…

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Friday is an excellent day

Source: XeniaGreekMuslimah

Madhhab, something that we need to understand

– by Nuh Ha Mim Keller The word madhhab is derived from an Arabic word meaning “to go” or “to take as a way”, and refers to a mujtahid‘s choice in regard to a number of interpretive possibilities in deriving the rule of Allah from the primary texts of the Qur’an and hadith on a…

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