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How to automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog or website

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Here we will share three different codes that automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog or URL and each code does different tasks.

Let’s say you want to redirect your complete Blogger blog to another page or URL. That is redirecting your homepage, posts page, archives page and all other URL in your blog to another specified external website. You have to use this if you just moved to new domain. To do this you are going to make changes to your template file. So before you mess up with the codes it’s recommended that you backup your template first.

  1. Login to your Blogger dashboard
  2. Go to template and click edit HTML
  3. Now you can see template codes. Press CTRL + f and then find <head>
  4. Now add the following code below head tag like you see in the image below.

How to redirect Blogger blog to another blog or URL

Redirecting Blogger blog to another new blog


In the above code change which is the destination URL. Now all your pages from the blog will be redirected to destination URL.

Now we will see another piece of code that redirects particular blog URL to another blog or website. If you wish not to redirect the whole blog then you have to make use of this code. Also you can use this for redirecting user from a particular page to another external website for promotional purpose.

To do this just paste the following code below head tag and change the from URL that is and destination URL that is


The above code just redirects user from the specified BlogSpot URL to another website or URL.

Here comes another code; with this you can redirect all your blog pages including home page to another blog or website with specific set time. So users who lands in your blog will be automatically redirected to anther blog after a specific time period.


This is the code, just copy and paste below the head tag in your template file. In the above code 5 is the set time where users will redirected to in 5 seconds after landing.

Hope this article guided you on how to automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog / website or URL. Share this and if you found it useful then please leave your comments. To get more update from Blog Time Now subscribe to our RSS feeds.

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Abu Abdullah • September 15, 2015

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