Humanity First!

Saving a life is like saving the humanity as a whole! Hence, any service even to the size of a mustard seed given to a needy may makes us better than the one who has accumulated so much wealth for nothing!

Why are they doing so?

The nature of religious faith is quite mysterious. As part of their religious faiths, people believe in a variety of deities. There are people who have religious faith in the unseen supreme transcendental power and then there are others who believe in some humans as Gods, animals (e.g. monkeys), fire, idols made of stone, and…

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You Must Know This Man

You may be an antheist or an agnostic; or you may belong to any of the religious denominations that exist in the world today. You may be a communist or a believer in democracy and freedom. No matter what you are, and no matter what your ideological and political beliefs, personal and social habits happen…

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Science also accepts the fact…

ZAM ZAM Water Research by Tariq Hussain, Riyadh Come the haj season, and I am reminded of the wonders of Aab-e-Zamzam. Let me go back to how it all started. In 1971, an Egyptian doctor wrote to the European Press, a letter saying that Aab-e-Zamzam was not fit for drinking purposes. I immediately thought that…

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It was the beginning

It was a beautiful December. Everyone was like shivering in the cool winds of idukki. For the natives it was quite expected, but for the new comers it’s like a freezer. It was at this time, a group of youngsters landed on the soil of Idukki, with a lot of dreams and expectations about their…

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The farewell Pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam may rightly be called the culminating point in his Prophetic career. It was the sixty-third year of the Prophet’s life which coincided with the close of the 10th of Hijra that he decided to perform Hajj, which in history, goes by the name of Hajja-tul-Wada….

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