Humanity First!

Saving a life is like saving the humanity as a whole! Hence, any service even to the size of a mustard seed given to a needy may makes us better than the one who has accumulated so much wealth for nothing!

The most inevitable of our lives!

Many-a-times we hear the expressions of untimely death of people who are know or close to us. In fact, is there anything called “untimely” death, whereas all beginnings and ends are untimely to us, but it is very much timely for the One who is handling it. Masha ALLAH! In reality, death is the most inevitable of any life!

Even today’s science while studying the structure of DNA says, everything has been recorded in it, including our color, height, nature, and so forth. Unfortunately we are not able to decode anything exactly regarding the life of that person. We normally refer to untimely death when the person is health enough to live longer life. But the fact is that, every creation is to live till the intention behind their existence is met. Once that is over, their role is also over.

If there is something to be called untimely death at all, then we should aptly use that for the newborns who passes away soon after birth. We believe that they were born to live, and we may even think that they were born to die, but the fact is that we are unaware of the wisdom of the Creator behind all these, and we can never come to know about it as well. We may be able to just get some clues for us to understand his existence, and He is certainly beyond our comprehension!

Sometimes I ask my wife to prepare some curry for me to take to office, then I buy some roti from nearby grocery shop to have with my colleagues. Today I told the same to my wife. Soon, I started thinking about something which I heard last day from an Islamic scholar’s speech. Once a teacher went to one of his student’s house to meet him. At his house, he met his student, but he looked like there was something bulging in his dress near the waist as if something is kept there. He asked his student about it, and he replied that he has kept some dates for the evening to eat while breaking his fast. It is a normal response. But the reaction of the teacher made me think.

The teacher felt bad and returned from his student’s house without spending any more time there. He told that, how come you expect that you will live till the time of breaking fast that you kept food for then? A normal person like me will get struck by that thinking! The scholar continued… A companion of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reported a hadith, in which he says, once the Prophet (SAW) was getting out of his house for Salah (prayer), and he started taking Tayammum (mini ablution with pure sand). The companion (RA) told Rasoolullah (SAW) that water is available a few steps away, to which an astonishing reply of the Prophet (SAW) came. He told, how I can expect that I will be able to reach the water, and if I may die before that, I would want to immediately enter into my Salah and die in a state of prayer! Subhanallah!

People like me who not just keep food for days to come, and borrow money for years to come, take things for granted, especially our life… without realizing that the clock may stop at any time! We are not sure if we can lower the hand that we have raised. We can’t be sure if the hand we have raised to our mouth with the food will reach our mouth… we are not sure if we will get enough time for the food that we have put in our mouth to reach our stomach! Our life on this earth is so momentary, but we are living it in such a way that we are live here endlessly!

Final word is… there is nothing as definite as death in our life. So let’s try to live a life keeping that very truth in mind! Wishing all my dear and near ones, all others, and myself as well a happy and successful life here and in the hereafter with Eemaan, Aafiyah and Izzah – Aameen ya Rabb!

Abu Abdullah • February 26, 2018

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