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Are we hypocritical lovers of our Prophet (SAW)??

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The concept of the religion of Islam is to abide by the book of ALLAH i.e. Quran and follow the way of life (Sunnah) of prophet. Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the realistic example of ALLAH’s words i.e. Quran. So perfect was the model that which Muhammad presented, it encompassed all the components of human life to perfection beyond compare. He was an orphan; hardworking shepherd; obedient son; sacrificing nephew; loving and concerned father; compassionate grandfather; devoted husband; noble citizen; courteous neighbor; honest tradesman; trustworthy individual; guardian of orphans and widows; messiah of down-trodden; tolerant preacher never offending belief of others; true social reformer and abolisher of injustice of any kind; pioneer of freedom and equality; merciful forgiver; able and just ruler; advocator of best treatment to one and all especially non believers who come under protection; and the first human to give women equal status in society and the right of full possession of property and inheritance from parents, sons, brothers and sisters and so on. An exemplary visionary who relentlessly worked to bring the mankind close to his creator (ALLAH) thereby on a common platform rising above, religion, sex, cast, creed, colour, race, social status, etc.

Who can better pursue the philosophy of Prophet than his own companions as they witnessed him practicing perfectly what he preached. They were never impolite or offensive. They respected and honored him more than themselves. Let me quote an example of a companion, Khubaib (may ALLAH be pleased with him) at the last minute of his life, the pagans asked him: “Don’t you wish that you were spared and Muhammad PBUH got this punishment? Would you not like that you were resting comfortably in your home, while he was killed in your place?” From the man who was about to die because he had accepted the Message brought by Muhammad PBUH came with this reply:

“By ALLAH, I cannot even imagine that a thorn should prick the foot of Muhammad PBUH while I rest in my home.”

On the occasion of treaty of Hudaibia, Quraish (the Prophet’s tribe) sent Orwa Ibn Masud to negotiate with the Prophet in the Hudaibia area; he was greatly impressed by how the companions treated the Prophet. He said,

“I have visited the kings of Persia, Rome and Abysinia, but I have not seen any leader more revered and respected by his people than Muhammad. If he ordered them to do anything, they do it without delay. If he performs Wudhu (washing up for prayer) they all seek the remainder of the water he used. They never look at him in the eye, out of respect.”

This is how the Prophet was treated by his companions. He was ALLAH’s Messenger who possessed great qualities and the best of conduct ever.

There are three signs which indicate that a person has tasted the sweetness of faith.

1) That he loves ALLAH and His Prophet more than anything else.
2) He loves everyone solely for the sake of ALLAH.
3) After accepting Islam he hates going back to non-belief as much as he hates going into the fire.” [Bukhari and Muslim].

This kind of incredible relationship with the prophet has to be for two reasons

• Because he is the core of the entire religion
• Because he has set examples for us not just for admiration but emulation.

What is the relation of an average metropolitan Muslim and prophet? We no doubt adore our beloved Prophet Muhammad, to whom we even desire to sacrifice our lives. However, it is a real pity that our minds are corrupted and we are subjugated by the external environment. If we really love our Prophet, we should have followed him by abstaining from the things he ostracized. The Sunnah is diminishing from our lives, our actions are way beyond what Muhammad (pbuh) had envisaged for his treasured ummah.

Islam is a perfect religion and every solution to any problem is described in the Holy Quran and very evidently practiced by Prophet Muhammad. In the context of blasphemy against our prophet, our brothers rightly protested, banned products, and few laid downed their lives. Let us analyze how our Prophet responded to mischief mongers and evil doers. Everyone is aware of the narrative about the woman, who always put her garbage on the road whenever Prophet Muhammad was passing. Frankly, I was upset when I first listened to such incidence. But later, as a Muslim, I reasoned that I have to do what Prophet did. i.e. follow him. My Prophet never uttered a word to the woman, just moved on with a smile. Later on when she fell sick, the Prophet was the first to visit her in spite of her behaviour. This very gesture moved her heart and she embraced Islam.

Recall the event at Taif, when the Prophet was stoned. The angel Jibrael AS appeared and offered to crush the people between the two mountains, but still, even in that condition, the Prophet cared about the people and replied:

‘No, I hope that these people will one day come to worship only Allah and Him alone’?

and did not let angel do so. Soon the Taif’s offspring’s entered into realm of Islam.

In this world, there are still millions of people who are living in darkness and ignorance. It becomes gravely important to enlighten the mass (by dawah) to the message of our Prophet in best possible manner. The use of social networking sites and internet will largely support this cause. Facebook has provided us a medium to interact with everyone throughout the world and where the Prophet is being criticized, it is like a blessing in disguise for us. As every non-Muslim there in, is putting forward his perspective, we ought to answer them and clear their misconception appropriately accompanied with logical facts.

Hence, I request Muslims to broaden their horizon of thought and actions; Work earnestly to become better Muslims by incorporating values of Sunnah; Seek an opportunity in every adversity to spread the message of Muhammad to those who criticize Islam.

Verily ALLAH knows our intentions and actions are well judged. Expect nothing but HIS appeasement alone!

Abu Abdullah • March 11, 2011

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