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Saving a life is like saving the humanity as a whole! Hence, any service even to the size of a mustard seed given to a needy may makes us better than the one who has accumulated so much wealth for nothing!

Team lead has a lot to do…

Lead is the person who leads the activities of the team. S/he should not be just a lead to lead the activities alone, but should be a person whom the team members can follow in every sense. S/he should demonstrate his leading abilities by being a role model to his team mates in areas like personal interactions, professional interactions, communication, etc. Lead should exhibit skills to create supportive attitude among the members and should render help whenever there is a need for help for the team members. He should show the real spirit to form a real spirited team rather than being just a team within the organization.

He should convince before his team mates the fact that we are not only a team within the four walls of the organization, but even outside the organization. Whenever there is a need for help for any of his/her team members, s/he should be the first person that should come to the mind of the team members to call for help. It is the way the lead can bring a healthy team.

This sort of an attitude may not only improve the interpersonal skills of the team mates, but would help each of the members in the team become the inspirations to their own societies as most of the members might not be representing the same geographic areas. So the change in their attitude may reflect in their societies also when they deal with the people of their place.

Essentially, building a team with real team spirits may impact many different societies if the team members are capable enough to show what they understood and implemented at their work places.

Having told this, it is not easy creating such a team. May be, keeping the following things in mind while dealing with team mates may create some changes in the existing attitude.

1. Keep letting team mates know what the lead thinks
2. Let the team member do things in the way they would like the things to be done
3. Ask the team member to put check points where they think that lead should review their work to give his/her feedback to improve the quality of the work the team member is doing
4. Encourage and appreciate the member’s work when they do something in a different way
5. Outside work and office, try to befriend them

(to be continued…)

Abu Abdullah • March 29, 2008

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