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The Universe’s Invisible Hand

– by Dr. Slama Abd AL-Hady

The main Problem which faces the Atheists or Evolutionists is their BLIND FAITH that sciences contradict religions. In Quran, ALLAH is motivating people to gain the scientific knowledge since it is the way to see His Wisdom in such scientifically Created Universe.

[29.20] Say: Wander in the earth and search how He makes the start of creation, then ALLAH creates the latter creation (in the Day of Resurrection; surely Allah has power over all things.

Science is the tool to see ALLAH’s Uniqueness and Will in each Star, Planet, Atom, Cell, Sun, Earth, Procedure, Order, Processing, Operating, organ, eye, ear, stomach, foot, animal, human, insect, etc. The first step ALLAH made after Adam’s creation, He taught him How to recognize his world, the names, the colors, the good, the evil, the responsibility, etc. Then ALLAH sent messengers to announce them His Existence and to inform them His Guidance:

[3.138] This Quran is a clear (logic) ALLAH’s announcement (declared statement) for people (all), and it is guidance and admonition to the true believers.

By ALLAH’s Mercy, we are gifted the logic to learn and recognize His Wisdom in the verses of the Quran:

[55.1-13] The Beneficent ALLAH, Taught the Quran, He created man, Taught him the recognition of his world, Learn him to search how the sun and the moon follow a reckoning, And the herbs and the trees are in accord to His Wisdom. He made (designed) the balance in the raised heavens, Though you may not be inordinate in respect of the balance or measures (Justice), And keep up the balance with equity and do not make deficient measures (inequity). And the earth, He has set it (arranged it) for the life of His Creatures; therein is He Created fruit and palms having sheathed clusters, And grains with (its) husk and fragrance. WHICH THEN OF THE BOUNTIES (EVIDENCES, SIGNS) OF YOUR LORD (ALLAH) WILL YOU DENY?

Another main problem which faces the Cosmology Scientists is that they haven’t seen the Start of Creation of the Universe, and they Cannot predict How it will be Ended. So, all their theories are confusing.

However, I shall compare what the ALLAH announced in His Book, the Quran, since more than 14 centuries, with the underlined scientific trials of cosmologists to search the heavens in a modern published scientific paper, 2007, with the title:

The Universe’s Invisible Hand, By Christopher J. Conselice,, January 2007,

We read in the paper:

Since the days of American astronomer Edwin Hubble, observers have known that all but the nearest galaxies “are moving away from us at a rapid rate”. This rate is proportional to distance: the more distant a galaxy is, the faster its recession. Such a pattern implied that galaxies are not moving through space in the conventional sense but are being carried along as “the fabric of space itself stretches”.

We shall see these underlined statements, as assumed or concluded by scientists according to scientifically discovered evidences, are stated since more than fourteen centuries in the Quran in a most convenient way. Regarding the widening of the universe, We read in the Quran:

[51:47] We construct the Firmament with Our (ALLAH’s) Hand for it is We Who create its vastness (unlimited widening) in Space.

Regarding the fabric of the universe and its stretching, we read:

[21:30] Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were a unique fabric and then before We stretched them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

Regarding the title of the paper, we read in the paper:

For decades, astronomers struggled to answer the obvious follow-up question: How does the expansion rate change over time? They assure the existence of an INVISIBLE HAND to control such universe expansion and to manage such rates according to the Title of this Research.

The answer of this title or the search for the INVISIBLE HAND is found in the same Verse [ 51:47] of the Quran, i.e.:

[51:47] We construct the Firmament with Our (ALLAH’s) Hand for it is We Who create its vastness (unlimited widening) in Space

In this verse, the Creator announces that searched Invisible is HIS HAND or as stated “WITH OUR HANDS”, or “ALLAH’s Hands”, since the speaker is ALLAH who revealed such Verses to Muhammad(SAW).

In the same paper of January 2007, we read:

The situation gets more complicated as you continue to zoom in and reach the scale of galaxies and galaxy clusters. Galaxies, including our own Milky Way, do not expand with time. “Their size is controlled by an equilibrium or balance between gravity and the angular momentum of the stars, gas and other material that make them up”; they grow only by accreting new material from intergalactic space or by merging with other galaxies. Cosmic expansion has an insignificant effect on them. Thus, it is not at all obvious that dark energy should have had any say whatsoever in how galaxies formed.

The underlined sentence which searches who set such “Equilibrium or balance in the universe” is answered or stated clearly in the Quran. So, in the Quran, We read:

[55:7] And the Firmament (universe) has He (ALLAH) raised high, and He has set up therein the prevailing Balance (equilibrium in such universe).

So, such prevailing equilibrium which confuses the scientist is SET by the Creator as clearly ANNOUNCED in this verse, and it has no other possible answer.

In the same 2007 paper we read:

According to models, dark matter began to clump immediately after the big bang, forming spherical blobs that astronomers refer to as "halos." The baryons, in contrast, were initially kept from clumping by their interactions with one another and with radiation. “They remained in a hot, gaseous phase. As the universe expanded, this gas cooled and the baryons were able to pack themselves together”. The first stars and galaxies coalesced out of this cooled gas a few hundred million years after the big bang. They did not materialize in random locations but in the centers of the dark matter halos that had already taken shape.

The Quran, since more than 14 centuries, casted these discoveries and answered the confusing questions and set the true facts. In Quran we read the truth of the bracketed sentence by a clear statement that universe was, in one of its early stages, in the form of “smoke” or “hot gases”. Then ALLAH’s will pack them in such ordered heavens and earth. It is illogic to assume such funny underlined statement “packed themselves”. How may such hot gases design such wonderful packing mechanism to produce such unique universe? So, the Quran gives the truth In the Quran, we read

[41:11-12] Moreover, He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He ordered them as sky and earth: "Come ye according to My (ALLAH’s) Will" They obeyed: "We do come (together), in willing obedience."  So He arranged them as seven firmaments (7 is a cyclic number according to Arabic language, meaning indefinite figure as the repetitive weeks of 7 days) in two Days (day means a stage of thousands or millions of years) and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command.

So; What we see, what we discover and what we prove are ALLAH’s signs which were stated in the Quran as scientific evidences for His Wisdom and Mercy. Such understanding is given by the following verses:

[41:53] Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) Universe and in their own-selves , until it becomes manifest to them that this (ALLAH’s Wisdom) is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things?

[27:93] And say: "Praise be to Allah, Who will soon show you His Signs, so that ye shall know them"; and thy Lord is not predicting (knowing) of all that ye do.

Abu Abdullah • January 13, 2009

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