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I pray to the Almighty ALLAH to make this website and the contents in it are of benefit to the readers and me, and make this as a Sadaqa Jariya. Also, may ALLAH forgive me for any mistakes or wrong information provided in the website – Aameen.

Arafah: The Witnessed Day

– By Sana Ibrahim Hajj is Arafat. [Al-Hakim] Verily there shall be no reward for a righteous pilgrimage except Jannah.  [Hazrat Abu Huraira reporting the words of Mohamed (pbuh)] Smiling at Satan’s Grief The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) smiled when he finished. Some of the Sahabah (companions) remarked: “We sacrifice our fathers…

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Who says Miracles Don’t Happen in Our Time?

– By Asma Naeem From Bold Girl to God-fearing Woman I’m going to tell you about a few miracles that transformed me from a bold, modern girl to a modest, God-fearing lady who now offers, masha Allah, all five prayers a day and sometimes the Tahajjud Prayer as well. A Budding Curiousity By profession I…

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