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I pray to the Almighty ALLAH to make this website and the contents in it are of benefit to the readers and me, and make this as a Sadaqa Jariya. Also, may ALLAH forgive me for any mistakes or wrong information provided in the website – Aameen.


My first blood donation experience

Even though I am very much interested in public service activities and works results of which can directly help or reflect in the daily lives of the poor and downtrodden, I haven’t ever had a chance to donate blood to anyone. It doesn’t mean that I have touched all other areas of public service. I…

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Islam – Only Its Name Qur’aan – Only Its Text “Say (O Muhammad!) If you love then follow me (i.e Muhammad) [Qur’aan] “There will dawn an age over people when there will remain nothing of Islam but its name and nothing of the Qura’aan but its text.” [Hadith} Islam is the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu…

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