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Time for the next one from Bini – Journal Part II

It came this morning, which was the second part of the journal by Bini after they left for US for the onsite assignment. Nothing much to say because I already have given an introduction prior to the previous one from her, which was the post just below. Go on reading…


Hi All,

Hope all are fine…J

We are doing good here!. As we all see online every day, I know there is no relevance to send mails. J Still I want to share it with you all…

Boise – really a quiet and clean city.  Some days snow falls heavily and some days not at all.  In the evening it is a bit colder, but still affordable. When there is snow fall,  the entire roads, vehicles and trees will be covered with snow and is really beautiful.  We have 8 mts walk from the apartment to office. The most surprising thing is the politeness of car drivers…Unlike India, drivers always give priority to those who walk.. Now we are almost familiar with the nearby streets and roads and we always use online maps to locate the direction of places and buildings. Thanks to online maps!

Balihoo office – is pretty nice and it looks raw as if the construction is still going on. (that is the style I think J). All employees other than managers or head persons, are sitting in the same big hall. It is really funny to work, as the hall is always noisy as marketing and sales people also sit in the same hall. They always get calls from customers and the office is always filled with laughs and conversations. The entire hall is divided as 3 sections, Developers, Account Management People and Creative people.  My seat is in a corner near to Jinye and Opposite to Jibin.

Apartment – is really very nice and fully furnished. The normal office time is 8-9 to 5-6 and is  flexible. We usually try to reach office earlier , so that we can reach apartment before heavy cold. I’ve attached the photo of the outside view of our apartment and office. 

Kelly was the person who did take care of us during the first days here.  First day itself we  went for shopping with and bought all the necessary things for the apartment. The first week, one day we had lunch with Kevin and went to a nearby restaurant. It’s really hard to live with American food.  The first Friday, we had lunch with dev people (Jinye,  Tim, Paul and Dave) and were supposed to go to an Indian restaurant nearby. But when we reached there, that was closed. So we went to a Chinese restaurant near to that, and according to Jinye’s suggestion, selected some item which was fortunately not that bad :). Last Friday the turn was with account management people (those who handles the buyer side of CCA). Hope we would be having lunch with the creative team next Friday.:)

We got 2 weekends right now here. First weekend, on Saturday we went to Paul’s house for dinner, with Vince’s family. I hope u all have seen the photo in Jibin’s orkut which was taken with them. We really had a nice time there with the two families..Especially with the 5 kids(Vince’s two boys and Paul’s 3 girls. Paul’s house is having basement for kids to play. The great fun is that the kids are not at all allowed to make noise or play in the upstairs. That basement is really their own world and they are making use of it maximum. 🙂

We could meet Mike and wife the next Tuesday. They came to apartment to pick us and went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. That was really  nice food  and we enjoyed having it. After the dinner we went to Mike’s house and spent around half an hour there with them and their dogs. J (It is really surprising that here we can’t find a single home without at least one dog).

Last Saturday we went for Ice Skating with Jinye and kid. It was really amazing and we really had lot of fun. Sunday we went to some shopping malls with Jinye.

That’s all till now.

Keep in touch,



Abu Abdullah • January 28, 2009

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